Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The grails jtopen plugin is coming

Later today I will release version 0.1 of the grails jtopen plugin.

Here is a list of what's included:
  • jtopen 6.5.1
  • injection of an AS400ConnectionPool bean
  • the IbmI class
  • easy program call
  • easy data area access
The IbmI class is a wrapper around the jtopen AS400 object and other objects from jtopen.
The jtopen classes are very well designed and give access to a wide range of functions, but its use is very verbose. The IbmI class gives a more groovy way of using some of these functions in a more natural way for CL and RPG developpers:
  • Easy program call with handling of input and output parameters
  • Easy access to character and decimal data areas
  • Possibility to use traditionnal object names (OBJECT or LIBRARY/OBJECT)
Any comment or suggestion will be appreciated.

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