Monday, June 15, 2009

Deploying on IBM Integrated Web Application Server for i

Starting with i5/OS V5R4, you can get the Integrated Web Application Server v7.1. It is meant as a partial replacement for Tomcat which isn't available from IBM for IBM i V6R1 and up. The Integrated Web Application Server is a small footprint J2EE web server. For small CPUs (pre-power4 or partial power5 520s) or systems very low in RAM (less than 2GB) it can be very useful.

There are a few limitations to know about:
* You can have only one DataSource, its jndi name is jdbc/ProxyDS. But you can simulate multiple DataSource (more on this below)
* The DataSource pooling is done by Apache commons pool which is considered as quite slow
* You can only access DB2 for i (local or remote)

The server creation and administration is pretty straightforward via IBM Web Administration for i5/OS.

The default memory limit is very low, so complex webapp won't run out of the box, you're likely to get StackOverflowError. To increase memory limit, edit the /www/appserver/lwi/conf/overrides/i5javaopts.javaopt file and add a line with -Xmx1024m or more.

You can create several "Database connections" which will be made available to all application through the jdbc/ProxyDS DataSource. You assign each connection a "connection ID", one can be *DEFAULT. To get a *DEFAULT connection, you simply use getConnection() on the DataSource. To get a non *DEFAULT connection, you use getConnection(connectionID,null) on the DataSource. I will make further investigation to check if GORM is able to use a non *DEFAULT connection.

Don't forget to apply the latest HTTP PTF group.

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